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Soldering Fingers Remix

The original Soldering Fingers posted on Thingiverse was great ( but it had potential to be something more.

By adding a wall at the front and storage tubes at the back it also became somewhere to pop those little items that go missing during a build, and the common bits you’re using in your screwdriver.


Ender 2 / Ender 3 Belt Tensioner

Ender 3D printer upgrade – Belt Tensioner

When I extended the bed on my printer I found I had made the belt slightly longer than necessary, and the Y-motor and stock tensioner were at their limits.

I wanted adjustable tensioners anyways, so came up with this design which has a good scope for belt travel.


Ezeelayer Layered Cocktail Shot Tool


Cocktail Shot Layering Tool

The Ezeelayer is an adjustable tool for creating layered cocktail shots.

Simply pour your first drink into the glass, clip the glass support on at the height of the drink and pour the next drink in…. it will sit nicely on the surface of the previous drink without flowing down the side and mixing in.

Want more layers? Repeat the process 🙂

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